The Team

We are pleased that you take interest in our project. If you want to learn more about the people that founded and run the kids-soupkitchen you have come to the right spot.

Samuel Kapepo

I`m Samuel Kapepo and I'm living in Windhoek/Namibia since 2001. I grew up in Oshakati, which is located in the north of Namibia.
I experienced myself how it is to grow up as an orphan, because my parents also passed away when I was young. That`s why it`s extremely important for me to show those kids who are in the need of help that they are not alone, because I know all the difficulties which are involved.

During my early childhood I sold bones and empty bottles on the streets to earn some money to be able to buy food. I went to school and I started acting in small movies in my village in 1999. I enjoyed acting, which brought me to Windhoek in 2001. There I formed with friends a youth club, which was the place where Pedro Shikalepo Kadhikwa and I got the idea to do something for the kids on the streets.

Loosing Pedro was really hard for me, because I lost my best friend, brother and colleague. I will never give up to continue our dream to be there for the kids.

There are a lot of kids on the streets, begging for money. Instead of giving them money it would be better to buy them food, otherwise they would buy alcohol, drugs or do other useless things with it.

Beside preparing our Sunday cooking, I have been doing several other things, such as:

-    working as a stage manager at the Warehouse in Windhoek, which was the cultural place to be for Namibian and other African musicians and actors to act out. Almost every evening we had another program, which attracted an international audience.
It was a good possibility to advert to our "Soupkitchen  and to inform people about the reasons for the need of our project! Unfortunately the Warehouse doesn’ t exist anymore, due to economic bottlenecks.
-    my radio talk show at Fresh FM 102.90, one of our local radio stations where I`m discussing current issues like poverty, crime, job creation and Aids.
-    Technical assistant at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre FNCC in Windhoek
-    Acting in several national and international movies
I’m proud being elected to participate and represent Namibia in the Oxfam International Youth Partnership which is a global network of young people, aged 18 -25, working with their communities to create positive, equitable and sustainable change.

The interest of people from everywhere makes me really happy, because their support and contribution enable us to continue to cook for the kids.
I would like to thank everybody who is standing behind us, for their trust and support!

Karoline Vlk

My name is Karoline Vlk and I live in Germany. My feet got itchy early  as I was always curious about getting to know different ways of living and new people. Indeed I was lucky to visit several countries but among all the African continent awaked my interest most, so in 2006 I routed a trip through Southafrica  for my summer holidays. In four weeks I went from Cape Town to Johannesburg by car to see as much as possible. It was fair and beautiful, and there is just so much to see for each and everyone. The country and its people were just stunning and I instantly knew that this was not my last trip to Africa. Next time however I planned to partake more in the daily grind to experience even more.


So I in 2007 I came to Namibia to do an internship at the Goethe center in Windhoek, where I assisted in the organization of expositions, movie screenings and opening ceremonies. Eminently I enjoyed the projects that involved kids related work like the  "European gallery"- quiz for school classes at the "European festival", an event hosted by the Goethe center and the Franco-Namibian cultural center. Doing the internship was a really lucky strike, since I not only had extremely nice superiors and colleges, but also a job that gave me a great deal of pleasure.

At that time I attended the soupkitchen by fluke. My friend Maria Huber was writing an article about Kapepo and the cooking-project as part of her internship at the "Allgemeine Zeitung" (the only German-writing newspaper of Namibia). Her article got hold of many people and she successfully collected donations for the cooking-kitty. The day she was heading to handover the donations, she asked me if I'd like to accompany her. I was enthused and went along.

Lucky me, I made up my mind in a minute and my instinct didn't let me down. It was one of the most admirable days. Of course it was a cooking Sunday and we arrived early at 10am to see the entire procedure. We even tried to "swing the wooden spoon" but it was a lot more exhausting to stir the bulk in the big pots than we expected, so helping with the food-handout was a better match for our upper arms. The familiar atmosphere captivated me right away. I was overwhelmed by the solicitousness among the group that created all this on their own initiative and avouch for the kids wholeheartedly.

After we left I was really wiped out and had to let the day sink in. All the new impressions and experiences moved me in a deep and sustainable way. This day sparked a firmness that I had to do my part to support and post this project.

In December 2007 we all suffered the tragic loss of Pedro, one of the founders of the kids-soupkitchen. Pedro impressed me right from the start and his sudden death hit me and everyone who knew him incredibly hard. It knocked me out but added to my firmness at the same time. This marvelous project meant a lot to Pedro who devoted his life to the kids and we all will uphold and carry on his dream!


The members of Moses IIGAROEB Youth Club, which are big supporters to the kids-soupkitchen:

Founder, Tommy Efraim
Co-Founder, Immanuel Ngesheya (Rasta)
Finance, Reinhold Kadhikwa
PR, Efraim Shabeenzu
Lukas Ebas
Martin Shinime
Secretary, Rosalia Shilongo
Rosalinde Mushimba
Phillemon Ndongo