History - how everything started

We are in Katutura a district of Windhoek in Namibia. Katutura is known as the township of Windhoek and translates something like "the place where we don't want to stay". Kapepo and Pedro decided that with the help of other young people they wanted to do something good.

They were desirous to help the many orphans that lost their parents mainly through Aids. Once a week they wanted to cook for them. Using gains of acts and small own donations they bought the first groceries - the cooking project was born.

Mathias Mutumbulwa from the "Ombili Community Centre" in Katatura provided free room to cook for the kids.

Since the money is always short Kapepo arranges events in favor of the project occasionally. Namibian artists like Jackson Kaujeua, Tunackie, Omzoo, die Equiped Dance Academy and more danced and sang to fill the kitty yet. But they live sunday by sunday. To pursue the cooking, they need more money.