Again and again each sunday

To keep you informed, here we will report on sundays, special events, exciting visitors and new developments.

Good new!

Yes, we still cook on sundays, but know we are able to open on wednesdays as well!

New pictuers from 8. Aug 2011

Soupkitchen - Havana

Every last Sunday of the month we are handing out food at Havana, a part of Katutura whose pooulation is growing continuously. As it is very difficult to transport our cooking equipment to Havana each last Sunday, we decided to build a shelter to have the possibility to store our equipment.

Soupkitchen - Ombili Center

To help as much kids as possible, we decided to divide our group in 2 parts. We still cook at the Ombili Community Center every Sunday, but we take some of the cooked food to bring it in another area in Katutura, which is called Havana. There are also kids in need of help, that`s why we decided that one part of our group will stay at the Ombili Community Centre to take care of the children and the other half of the kids in the area Havana.

Miss Namibia (2007) - visits the kids-soupkitchen

Evangeline Haose was Mrs. Namibia in 2007. Kapepo invited her to show what they are doing for the kids.

Katutura Community Radio KCR

KCR made a live broadcasting show to call attention to the Soupkitchen. It was really fun cooking together with the guys of KCR. After cooking was just to say "ENJOY YOUR MEAL"!